About breed was written a lot… We also decided to follow the tradition and dedicated these pages to our favorite breed. Here you can read the articles dealing with the problems of standard, health, behaviour of Ridgebacks. You can also acquaint with materials of breed seminars which were carried out by well- known breed experts. 


Here you can find a lot of information about Ridgebacks living in Russia: about  first dogs imported to Russia – the base of our bloodlines, about our Champions and most favorite dogs. You will have opportunity to invite the pages of our friends and to learn about the life of Ridgebacks in Russia and far away from here. You can make an excursion to different kennels all over the world. We also tried to introduce Africa – wonderful motherland of the breed Rhodesian Ridgeback.


Days after days we explore the new corners of the Rhodesian Ridgebacks planet and we’ll be very glad if you’ll tell us about your Ridgeback, if we still know nothing about him. Welcome new friends! Send us the pictures of your dogs and the stories about them and we’ll put them on our website with great pleasure.