29 of Oktober 2003 ARESVUMA kennel was registered in FCI – this is our official birthday. And the beginning was in 2000 when our family decided to buy a dog. The history of buying our first Ridgeback is very typical for many people: we knew nothing about the dogs with ridge on their back: we chose the breed according the book – we liked the description of such dogs, of their character, behaviour and exterior. 

Reality surpassed all our expectations. Our boy VINCENT was growing, we learned more and more about this wonderful breed and I felt the idea that became stronger and stronger: “I want Ridgebacks being with me forever”

Living together with the Ridgeback, studding the exterior of that wonderful breed I decided to learn more about the breeding of those dogs abroad, about the roots of our dogs. I thank Mariette van der Veer who introduced me with many well-known RR-owners and breeders. They gave me much knowledge. I also visited many different dog shows abroad and collect information – the food for thinking and searching for. In result I imported VIZARA IRINGA ARESVUMA from the best Holland kennel and after 1 year and a half HARMAKHIS WISDOM DAKSHA OF ARESVUMA came to live with us from sunny Italy.


Ridgebacks for us are not only the dogs. They are the members of our family. Because they love and rejoice like we do, they feel sad and horror like people feel. Every day we admire by their power, their exiting running. We are very glad that such a devoted, clever and beautiful dogs are surrounding us.